Samsung GALAXY Camera with HD Touch Screen running Android 4.1

Samsung introduces GALAXY Camera with full HD Touch Screen running Android 4.1 which I think is the revolution in the digital camera industry. Samsung is really crazy now a days and after introducing Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note II now this camera will surly pick up the reputation of them which was down due to the sue case file by Apple and in the end Samsung have to bay one billion dollar.  After the introduction of camera in smartphones it looks like that soon digital camera will become unavailable but this gadget will surly revive the digital camera industry and I am sure that all other companies will start making some thing like this.

Samsung GALAXY Camera Features

Smart PRO MODE – We all have digital cameras or mobile phone cameras in our hands now a days and we act like a photographer or movie maker in our daily lives but the end result is what always disappoint us. Taking pictures or shooting video is not an easy thing to do and only the professional photographers know how to use the gadget to take full advantage from it. Samsung GALAXY Camera has solve this problem and now you can take stunning, high quality and detailed pictures with just one click of a button. No matter what is the speed of the scene its Action Freeze feature will take the blur free picture and with full color details.

Slow Motion Video – If you are one of those who wants to capture the daily moments of your life in High Definition but with slow speed than this is the camera for you. With 120 frames per second you don’t need to slow your video with the help of any software because it will automatically capture the video in slow motion. With 720×480 resolution, 21x Optical Zoom and 120 frames per second you can unveils the nature’s most astonishing secrets with your own camera.

4.7 inch HD Super Clear Touch Display – This is something new to digital camera world but astonishing 4.7 inches HD Super Clear capacitive Touch screen display you don’t have to watch your photos on your computer, TV or on your smartphone. It has 308 pixels per inch screen which means full picture quality and color depth for superior experience.
Voice Control – Have you ever try to control your digital camera with your voice, if not than its time to do so. Don’t search the feature in the camera menu and waste time, just talk to your camera and it will enable the feature you want.

Photo Wizard – You don’t need to rush to your home after talking picture in order to edit them because now you can edit your pictures right at the spot. It has 65 powerful editing features which makes it one of its own kind. You don’t have to worry about the processing power because it has quad core processor built into it for superior performance.

Shoot and share in real time – I know that in real life when you take pictures you edit them on your computer first and than than upload it but imagine if you edit upload and share photos with your friends at the spot you take the picture with WIFI and 3G option. You can connect with 8 WIFI enabled devices at a time.

Samsung GALAXY Camera Comparison with Nikon and Nokia

Samsung GALAXY Camera is no doubt the revolution in the digital camera industry and so you will be able to buy this gadget in your local market. Still they have not disclose the price of this beast but surly it will be worth it. 🙂

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